Matcha Mini Pound Cake

So today has been a very busy day for me at work, and there is this huge pile of work that I brought home and is now waiting for me to complete. What do you do when you are faced with such a situation?

You take a break… and bake!

Now after my previous rather successful bake in the mini pound cake tins, I decided to try baking in them again. Since I had a few packets of matcha powder from my matcha muffins bake session with my sis last week, I decide to try to look for a matcha recipe. By the way I have not updated this blog regarding the matcha muffins one… I wasn’t very happy with the way they turned out so let’s just shelf it first in the “list of unrecorded bakes”.

Anyway back to my mini pound cake. We all know Google is our best friend, and there are TONS of recipes online, just ask Google and all will be handed to you in seconds. So how do I select which one to use, out of so many?

I find it a personal achievement if I’m able to create a dish using existing ingredients at home, especially the ones you have bought specially for the last bake, and probably wouldn’t be using for other uses. I’ve 2 boxes of half used cream cheese, so I set out looking for a recipe that required that. I chanced upon a matcha cake recipe that uses cream cheese! Bingo!

20150508_185855Love the greenish tinge of the batter after the matcha powder has been added.

20150508_190635I’m glad that I didn’t choose to leave out sesame seeds from the recipes, as the add give the cake a nice finishing touch. I didn’t have any at home and actually had to look for it at a few supermarkets. I could leave it out, but the cake would look so bare and boring wouldn’t it?

20150508_191605Love how they are rising very nicely in the oven… IF ONLY they could stay that way! By the end of 25 minutes (for mini pound cakes) the batter had risen so much it looks like there are mini Frankensteins waiting to emerge from inside! See the next pic!

PSX_20150508_204057Yup that’s how they looked straight out from the oven.

However, they actually tastes good! I think the fragrance from the sesame seeds helped give it that extra oomph. I let the hubby try when he came home and he loved it! Kinda upset though, when he commented that this is his favourite of all my bakes. After more than 10 bakes, he only found his favourite NOW!?!

C360_2015-05-08-21-32-47-965Yup that my version of the matcha pound cake. It’s a simple recipe to follow, and tastes good too. Just remember to have a packet of roasted sesame seeds for this!

Get the recipe here:


If you look at the recipe, the pictures posted by the original author shows a very strong green colour on the cake. I actually added more than 2 teaspoons of matcha powder, yet mine didn’t turn out half a green. I’m not sure why…?


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