Lemon Cheesecake Bars

The taste of success from my maiden attempt to bake cheesecakes has gotten me hooked onto baking even more cheesecakes! (I know, I know… I started off saying that I would like to focus mainly on muffins, thus the blog name… but… I really love cheesecake!)

I decided to try a lemon one, as I really like the myriad of flavours it will bring – sour and sweet together. I adjusted the recipe to fit my 8×8 inch pan instead of the rectangular one used in the recipe, and it turned out fine.

C360_2015-05-24-21-04-51-951Definitely didn’t turn out as well as my previous attempt at baking a Nutella Cheesecake but it’s still pretty decent. Only difference is the CRUST, never belittle the crust!

Although this recipe also doesn’t use the typical graham crackers, somehow it’s not as good as the previous one. It’s more crumbly (as seem from the pic) and not as tasty. Thus I’ve decided to stick to the Nutella Cheesecake recipe for the crust, no matter which other type of cheesecake I would try to bake in future.


The lemon cheesecake definitely tasted better after hardening in the refrigerator. Here’s a pic of a piece of it, soon to be eaten by me, who was relaxing in front of the TV after a hectic day at work. Cheesecake just has that amazing effect.

Get the recipe here:



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