Nutella Cheesecake Squares

I’m finally done with my Mid-Year Exam marking! 100 Continuous Writing, 80 Situational Writing, and a full NT paper. Nobody can remain sane marking that kind of load! Thus, what I did was to have some things in mind to look forward to doing after I’ve completed the marking – to go watch Pitch Perfect 2 at the cinemas (Fat Amy’s hilarious!!!), and to try to bake this Nutella Cheesecake recipe I found online!

I’ve about 1/4 bottle of Nutella left in my cupboard and have been meaning to finish it, thus googled for Nutella recipes. Found one with pretty pictures of the final product and it looks easy enough to follow!


Note that this is the first time noob baker me is trying to bake a cheesecake. The steps are significantly different from baking muffins, so it’s really a case of trying to make meaning out of words in the recipe. The above pic is of the crust before it went into the oven.


And here’s what it looks like out of the oven.. a nice brownish look. Compliments from my friends and family who tried the end product are mostly for the crust. Somehow it has the right proportions of each ingredients that gave it a nice caramel-ish taste.

C360_2015-05-21-23-28-53-346After adding the cheese mixture, I started working on my Nutella swirls design. As shown in the pic, I thought of doing a standard pattern as I’m really not good at art, or design… and my ‘swirls’ will probably not look like what you are used to seeing. However, after applying the standard pattern, I realise that the Nutella is not spread evenly! Some parts are much heavier on Nutella and some almost not getting any. Sigh… So I tried my hand at drawing the swirls, using a toothpick.

C360_2015-05-21-23-22-36-035Here’s how my cheesecake looked like after being baked in the oven. The swirls look decent, I must say! There’s definitely room for improvement, but let’s take things one step at a time.

C360_2015-05-21-23-30-58-255And this is the final product after being refrigerated! Now I admit, I was being lazy and did not wait for the cream cheese to melt completely before mixing them with the other ingredients.. but it turned out ok! In fact, a colleague said that she actually liked it like that, cos she could actually bite into the small cheese chunks.

A surprisingly good first attempt at baking cheesecakes!

Get the recipe here:


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