Banana Mini Pound Cake

It’s a lazy Saturday today… plus the hubby is hard at work finishing up his report, paying me no attention at all!

So I decided to bake another round of mini pound cake from my new favourite website! Ok I actually gave him a choice – lemon pound cake again, or banana one. He still has this big ulcer in his mouth so he opted for the banana one. Banana pound cake it shall be!

Look at how it browns so beautifully in the oven!

BBC Good Food did not disappoint again, although I think it could be a bit better if I had used another type of banana.

The nicest banana cake I baked before used the small ripe type, instead of the big ones that are more common in supermarkets now. Thus the banana taste this time wasn’t as rich as that time when I used the other sweeter type of bananas for baking.

Left: Candy Apple Bananas which are very much sweeter. Right: Cavendish Bananas which are more commonly found in supermarkets, but less sweet.

Nonetheless, they still taste good. A good snack on a lazy Saturday, to curb my constant hunger pangs now.

A full plate of banana goodness!

Amendments to the recipe:

  1. Halved the ingredients to fill 3 mini pound cake tins instead of a big one.
  2. Baked for 25 minutes.

Get the recipe here:


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