Lemon Mini Pound Cake

It’s been some time since I’ve baked, or cooked.. I guess the freshness of having my own place has worn off, or I’ve just become lazier. However, it’s the school holidays now and even lazing around at home can get boring. Thus I decided to look for a simple recipe, one that has few ingredients and easy steps. And I found the perfect website!!!


Reasons why it’s now my favourite website for baking recipes:

  1. Metric measurements – I generally prefer measuring the ingredients using a weighing scale instead of cups, cos it’s cleaner.. especially when measuring wet or sticky ingredients.
  2. Self-raising flour – I love to use self-raising flour cos it already has salt and baking powder, so I do not need to measure 2 extra ingredients.
  3. Simple list of ingredients and simple steps!

Plus the final product was soooo good! I am seldom so satisfied with my final bakes out of the oven, but I’m really very happy with this one! In fact I was so eager to pack them to share with my parents that I’d forgotten to lay them out nicely for a pic before packing them into containers!


Amendments to the recipe:

  1. I halved the recipe again as usual, to fit them into my 3 mini pound cake tins, instead of the big pound cake tin.
  2. Baked for 25 minutes in the oven.

Get the recipe here:



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