Butter Brownie Pound Cake

I know I’ve vouched to stick to baking muffins, but it does get boring after a while. Experimenting with other bakes could be fun too.. until you fail. So basically, out of the maybe 5 times I tried baking pound cakes, only ONE is successful. Now what might be the reason…?

I decided it might actually be cos of my small oven. Maybe it’s not powerful enough to handle baking an entire pound cake. The outer part could be done, but the inside would be undercooked. But if I were to leave it longer, the outer part would be burnt. Frustrating? YOU BET! There were a few times when I was so close to throwing my pound cake tin into the bin. Ok make it the fire, and not before smashing it rotten with a hammer!

And then I saw these baby pound cake tins at the supermarket. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!


So I bought 2, came home to measure their proportion in relation to the normal-sized one, and concluded that one big pound cake tin is equivalent to 6 mini ones. Now, it requires more calculation if I were to divide every recipe by 3 times, so I went to buy one more mini tin. Halving the ingredients is definitely easier!

So I started searching for pound cake recipes again.. I just couldn’t give up so easily. And since I’ve some colleagues who kept requesting for chocolate bakes, I found a butter brownie recipe. It looks interesting cos there are 2 layers to it, so my competitive streak crept in and I decided to try that!

It wasn’t easy trying to gauge the reduction in time from a normal sized pound cake to 3 mini ones. My conclusion is, 25 minutes seems adequate. A normal pound cake requires 55 minutes in the oven.


Why do cakes all ‘open mouth’ when they are baked? It’s really ugly….


This is what these tiny things look like out of the tins. They come out very easily, sparing me the hassle of trying to get the cake out of the tin due to it sticking to the sides.

I let them cool for about 10 minutes and I just couldn’t wait any longer to cut them up! I just had to see if the butter and brownie layers were separated nicely.


Quite a good job! Love that they were separated nicely! They passed the looks department, but I feel that the taste has some room for improvement.

The butter taste is overpowered by the brownie’s. So if I were to try it again, I could either:

1) Increase the amount of butter, or

2) Use milk chocolate bits instead of dark chocolate as the latter has a very strong taste.

Get the recipe at:



Strawberry Banana Muffins

Now this is one of my most successful bakes! I’m not usually a very picky eater, but somehow when it comes to the ones I make on my own, I tend to become very critical and could simply find fault with the stuff I bake or cook.

However, this is one muffin that I actually ate 2 in a row once it was out of the oven, and another one when it has cooled down. It is delish!!! Either it’s something I did right, or that the recipe is flawless.. for a noob like me to be able to bake it right like that!

Every single muffin came out right.. how amazing is that!? And I simply love how the red from the strawberry adds a nice splash of colour to the otherwise normal looking brownish colour for most muffins.

Strawberry Banana Muffins

I had a great time taking photo of the muffins using my Samsung Note 4. I highly recommend this phone for people who are looking for one that can take beautiful pics. All my food pics are taken using it. Love!

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Banana Muffins

I will begin my first recipe post with my first muffins bake. Now please bear in mind that I started this blog after baking a few types of muffins so many of these posts would be more of a flashback. But who really cares right.. pictures and recipes are what we are more interested in!

Ok so as the noobest of the noob bakers, I had entirely no idea how to bake. I do not even know what the basic ingredients are, and how they would work together to end up looking like those delicious creations you see on window displays in cafes.

So I turned to my best friend – Google. Oh Google I wouldn’t know what to do without you!!!

As stated in my first post, I started off trying to bake a banana bread. It seems rather successful, so let’s stick to bananas for a start. I googled for banana muffins recipes and I found one with clear instructions. Perfect for a noob like me!

1908133_1094338380592623_7273216654128152350_nI didn’t change much of the recipe, just added banana slices on top for a nicer appearance. Friends and family who tried it say that they are moist and full. Good work for my first muffins bake!

Get the recipe at:



Humble Oven in a Humble Kitchen

Alas… I’m starting yet another blog. One that I least expect myself to start – a cooking blog. Ok to make it even more specific, a baking one.

My family is one where it has always been either our helper (when we were young) or my mum who would use the kitchen to whip up dishes for our meals. It’s not a place where we could play in, experiment with the equipment, or try to pick up the love for cooking. In short, the kitchen was out of bounds to my siblings and I.

So naturally when I moved to my new house with my hubby, it never occurred to me to install a big built-in oven, the kind that is most suitable for baking cakes and all sorts of yummy treats. We still bought an oven, mainly for baking simple dishes like salmon.

Our tiny but functional oven that costs us less than $200.

Ok back to my story of how I started baking. Was at my hubby’s cousin’s baby one-month celebration a couple of months back, and started chatting with the wife of another of his cousin. She was telling me how she has been experimenting with different recipes using her small oven. Naturally I asked, “Small oven can bake cake meh? Wouldn’t the heat not be evenly spread?’

She agreed that sometimes it’s more obvious that some parts of the cake are more cooked than others, but she will continue experimenting because it’s fun.

Fun? Cooking and baking is fun? Major question mark on that!

One fine day after work I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly felt like trying to bake banana cake. It was a strong surge of energy and I searched for a recipe that looked manageable, went to buy the necessary ingredients at the supermarket, and baked. All in a couple of hours.

First creation in my humble oven!
First creation in my humble oven!

Pretty decent I must say! And I got really excited, taking pic of it, and sending it to my family whatsapp group chat, to friends and colleagues. To someone proficient in cooking or have the flair for baking, this is no big deal. But for someone like me, who doesn’t have the interest, and has never cooked or baked my whole life, it’s a FREAKING ACCOMPLISHMENT!

And so I decided to try to bake more.. and bake I did! I tried baking cakes, cookies, muffins. No matter how tired I was after work, I still found the energy to go down to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the next recipe I wanted to try. I baked on weekdays, I bake on Saturdays, and I bake on Sundays. I had very successful bakes, I also had crappy ones which got me so frustrated, and usually end up in the dustbin anyway. I cannot bring myself to eat ‘failed’ bakes, even though they might actually taste decent.

Until one day I just got tired. And I decided to stop baking altogether. That intense period lasted just about a month.

Suddenly friends, colleagues, family all persuaded me to continue baking. My colleagues even lamented that they would no longer get to try my yummy muffins in school! Funny how everyone thinks that my bakes taste good, except myself. I guess I gotta learn to be less hard on myself.

I stopped baking entirely for a week, all the tools and equipment I had bought in that one month were left untouched in the cupboard. Then I decided to try again, slowly, once a week. That’s how I’ve regained my interest in baking.

Now why did I limit my blog to be a muffins one? Because 90% of the times when I tried baking muffins in my little oven, it was successful. On the contrary, baking other stuff only had a 50% success rate.

And I do love eating muffins. Now who can argue with that reason?